Hair Repair Shampoo

zeitsprung Patented power active ingredient Biogon A20-plus: Hydrolysate from whey protein protects and regenerates the hair. Oligopeptides and amino acids: strengthen the hair structure from the in ... read more

Color Protection Shampoo

leuchtgenuss Sunflower Extract: reduces the fading of the hair colour and counteracts UV damage. Care polymers: prevent loss of moisture during thermal heat treatment. Paraben-free. ... read more

Silver Shampoo

kristallklar Semi-permanent colour pigments: neutralise yellow tint in lightened and bleached hair, give white hair a subtle silver sheen. Moringa Oil: cares for the hair and smooths the structure. ... read more

Shine Shampoo

seidentraum Macadamia & Moringa Oil: rich care for a velvety soft hair feel, smooths the structure of the hair. Paraben- and silicone-free. ... read more

Moisture Shampoo

aquaperle Aquaxyl: supports the natural moisture balance of the hair, gives velvety suppleness and brilliant shine. Gentle on the scalp. Silicone- and paraben-free. Without sulphates. ... read more

Volume Shampoo

raumkunst Liquorice Extract: extract from liquorice root, yeast, horse chestnut and hydrolysed wheat proteins counteracts hair breakage, visibly increases volume and provides perfect shape stability ... read more

Curls & Waves Shampoo

wellenzauber Keratin Hydrolysate: penetrates deep into the hair, repairs damage and visibly cares for the hair, for more elasticity and resilience. Lipids: improve combability and give a pleasant fe ... read more

Smoothing Shampoo

Glycoprotein from sweet almond kernels: gives silky smoothness and improves the combability of the hair, reduces electrostatic charging of the hair and ensures a smooth structure, frizzy hair becomes ... read more

Keratin Shampoo

strukturgenie Helps to maintain healthy hair structure and rebuild damaged hair. Supports the closing of gaps in the natural structure of hair (cuticula). The structure of hair appears stronger, sm ... read more

Sensitive Shampoo

ruhequelle Bisabolol: anti-inflammatory and soothing, specially developed for sensitive scalps. Panthenol: helps the hair to retain moisture, gives shine and suppleness. Paraben-free. ... read more

Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Dermosoft® Decalact: innovative anti-dandruff active ingredient with proven effect, based on natural ingredients. Mild surfactants: efficient and gentle cleansing of scalp and hair, prevents irritati ... read more

Deep Cleansing Shampoo

tiefrein Reliably and thoroughly removes product residues, dirt and sebum. Optimal for preparation for oxidative colour treatments, perming and hair straightening. Silicone- and paraben-free. ... read more

Salon Shampoo

basisfrische Sugar Surfactant: characterised by its low irritation potential of the scalp, ideal for daily cleansing. Silicone- and paraben-free. ... read more

Men Hair & Body Shampoo

mannsbild The vegan 2-in-1 formula with caffeine works against hair loss. It stimulates and strengthens weakened hair roots and promotes growth. Gentle cleaning without microplastics and sulfate-fr ... read more

Anti hair loss shampoo

kraftimpuls The shampoo with the active ingredient Capixyl™ Reliably removes residues from the scalp and hair. Menthol and peppermint oil have a long-lasting cooling and stimulating effect on ... read more

Color Shampoo RED

• supportive colour care for dyed and coloured hair • innovative pigments restore red and copper tones for revived colour saturation and vitality • hydrolysed keratin, macadamia and moringa oil prot ... read more

Color Shampoo BROWN

• supportive colour treatment for dyed and coloured hair • innovative pigments give brown and beige tones vitality and freshness • blonde hair developes a subtile caramel tone • macadamia and morin ... read more

Color Shampoo GOLD

• supportive colour care for coloured and lightened hair • innovative pigments give light hair shades a nice warmcharacter • particularly suitable for vibrant blonde and copper tones • macadamia ... read more