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In accordance with the standards for products and comprehensive customer service, Berrywell offers a well-designed programme of seminars, individual training sessions, and training courses. Even Berrywell’s participation in trade fairs aims to help customers and hairdressers develop through education and inspiration.
Knowledge of services and products and professional, sophisticated customer service know-how are both indispensable for a successful and sustainable salon business today.
The aim of our seminars is to substantially support the most important service business – hair colouring – whether an educational measure is aimed at providing the foundation for the next generation or inspiring full professionals.
Nor is the mother of all services, the haircut, neglected in the bi-annual programme – whether in combination with colouring or to develop new skills or ideas unconnected with products.
As a demanding skill that requires a lot of expertise, the issue of restyling is also important and is

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Unser Seminarprogramm

Here are all current dates and the complete seminar program with all information about the individual events.

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