Full professional range

Colouring products such as hair dye, hair bleaches, peroxides, or tinting masks –
Care products such as shampoos, conditioners, masks, lotions, or tonics –
Styling products as sprays, gels, creams, wax in tins, dispensers, or bottles –
Shaping products for permanent waves or straightening –
complemented by a wide range of accessory products.
A full, professional, innovative range, designed with the professionals in the know, hairdressers – developed in our own development department, manufactured in our own production facilities.


The BERRYWORLD of colors combines impressive diversity and naturalness. From subtle to intensive, from classical to ultramodern, from understatement to sensational – BERRYWELL® Hair Colors are always ... read more


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Form Product

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Eyebrow- and Eyelash-Dye

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Accessories / Haircutting Scissors

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