Hair Repair Mask

zeitsprung Patented power ingredient Biogon A20-plus: helps protect and regenerate hair and scalp. Innovative 3P+ formula: pure protein power for strong and healthy hair. Paraben- and silicone-free ... read more

Color Protection Mask

leuchtgenuss Sunflower Extract: protects hair colour from fading and counteracts UV damage. Has a strong conditioning effect and gives a smooth and supple feel to the hair. ... read more

Shine Mask

seidentraum Crambe Oil: conditions and smooths the structure of the hair. Moisturising ingredients: give silky smoothness and elasticity. ... read more

Moisture Mask

aquaperle Aquaxyl: rovides intensive moisture and radiant shine. Crambe Oil: provides newly gained vitality, regenerates and cares for the hair without weighing it down. Silicone- and paraben-free. ... read more

Volume Mask

raumkunst Liquorice Extract: visibly provides more volume and perfect grip, calms the scalp and regulates sebum production. Micro-proteins from wheat work to counteract hair breakage. ... read more

Curls & Waves Mask

wellenzauber Keratin Hydrolysate & Sunflower Extract: fills lipidic gaps in damaged, dry, split or prematurely aged hair. Protective film effect. Elasticity and resilience. Intensive care. ... read more

Smoothing Mask

Sunflower Extract & Argan Oil: strong conditioning effect on damaged, prematurely aged, dry and split hair, smooths the structure of the hair, improves combability. ... read more

Keratin Mask

strukturgenie Repairs and smooths the surface structure of the hair by stabilizing it by filling brittle areas. Sealing effect onto the accumulated keratin. Completes the reconstruction process. P ... read more

Sensitive Mask

ruhequelle Bisabolol & Panthenol: cares for damaged hair, helps the hair store moisture. Combats split ends, thickens the hair. ... read more
Crystal Kristall

Tint Mask Crystal

for a clear, cool blonde tone, neutralizes unwanted yellow tint, for light blonde to blonde hair. ... read more

Tint Mask Schiefer

for fashionable gray color effects, refinement of naturally gray hair and for color correction for light blonde to brown hair. ... read more

Tint Mask Aubergine

for strong, expressive violet color effects, ideal for refreshing color, for highlighting techniques and for pastel coloration for dark blonde, wine-red and brown hair. ... read more

Tint Mask Bronze

for natural, warm gold-brown color effects, optimal color refreshment for warm brown tones, for light blonde to brown hair. ... read more

Tint Mask Cappuccino

for cool brown color effects, optimal color refreshment for cold brown tones, for light blonde to brown hair. ... read more

Tint Mask Korall

for color intensive copper-red color effects, optimal color refreshment for bright copper tones, for copper-red to red-brown hair. ... read more

Tint Mask Chili

for bright warm shades of red, optimal color refreshment for daring red tones for red, copper-red and red-brown hair. ... read more

Tint Mask Magenta

for an intense, cool shade of red. Gives a striking, trendy magenta tone. ... read more

Tint Mask Atlantik

for a striking, intense shade of blue. The lighter the starting point, the more intense the result. ... read more