Care assortment

The current reorientation of BERRYWELL® hair care underlines precisely this newly formulated claim, this fundamental way of thinking, paired with very objective considerations of a brand appearance that is as new as it is valuable and future-oriented

in the professional hair care sector. The new product design in modern polar white in combination with a warm grey reflects the zeitgeist of the brand appearance, which expresses clarity and value while at the same time being very cosmetic oriented. The new colour coding of the unique emotional slogans, which are moving more into the centre of attention, segments the individual series much more than in the past.

The new Hair Repair line ZEITSPRUNG with the unique innovative active ingredient BIOgon A20-plus (world innovation in hair cosmetics!) underlines the demand for high quality and effective products, as well as the selection of further, also natural ingredients, which represent – offensively placed on the front of each product – the high quality performance of the respective series. The skin compatibility of all products is dermatologically tested.

The MANNSBILD series is a completely new addition to the range. Designed specifically for men‘s needs and to support men‘s services in the salon and for hair care at home.

Also completely newly developed, the high-quality SEIDENTRAUM Argan Hair Oil in the Shine series.


Moisture series with Aquaxyl. For dry and normal hair to support the natural balance. ... read more


Salon Shampoo. The mild care for daily cleansing of scalp and hair. ... read more


Acid Conditioner. Instant care for naturally shiny and supple hair without weighting it down. ... read more


Smoothing series with Glycoprotein, Sunflower Extract and Argan Oil. Against frizzy and unruly hair, for a perfect hair structure. ... read more


Scalp lotions set with Capixyl and Panthenol. Revives and vitalizes the scalp. ... read more


Full, healthy hair is a sign of attractiveness and health. We all want a resilient, voluminous head of hair that flatters our appearance and boosts our self-confidence. Everyone has about five mill ... read more


Silver Series with Arginin and Moringa Oil. For a cool and clear blonde color. ... read more


Color Protection series with Sunflower Extract. For colored and highlighted hair to support long-lasting color brilliance. ... read more


Exclusive men's series with the power agent CAFFEINE against hair loss. The high-performance formula is vegan, sulfate-free and without microplastics. ... read more


Instant Care with Silk Protein Substance. For radiant shine and suppleness. ... read more


Volume series with Licorice Root Extract. For effective volume without weighting down. ... read more


Sensitive series with Bisabolol. Scalp care – the basis for beautiful and healthy hair. ... read more


Anti Dandruff with Dermosoft Decalact. Cleanses mildly and removes dandruff on a long-term basis. ... read more


Shine series with Macadamia Oil, Moringa Oil, Argan Oil and Crambe Oil. For silky shiny hair. ... read more


Keratin series. An exclusive service for customers with damaged, extremely stressed, weak and brittle hair. ... read more


Curls & Waves series with Keratin Hydrolysate. An extra portion of elasticity and resilience for naturally curled and permed hair. ... read more


Hair Repair series with BIOgon. For the restoration of the healthy and strengthened condition of severely damaged and stressed hair ... read more


Natural cosmetics par excellence. The first 2in1 solid shampoo and conditioner from BERRYWELL. Home » Products » Care » glanzstueck   ... read more